Sunday, May 16, 2010

Clean Cottage

My mom and I went to Chautauqua and cleaned all day on Saturday. The pollen was crazy! We ended up using the power washer which helped on the porch to get the bleach water rinsed and screens cleaned off. My mom cleaned the whole kitchen including cleaning every dish and wiping down the cabinets. We are now officially ready for summer to start! Next week we are having bookclub up there which will be great- lots of good food, wine, and laughing. I don't laugh harder with any other group of people than the bookclub girls.

Mom cleaning the kitchen.

New couch (forgot to take off the blanket), new ottoman, and new ceiling fan. It will feel like our cottage this year with our own furniture and paint.

I hung out with my parents when I dropped my mom off at home. They watch movies ALL of the time. Last night it was some old black and white movie "Blue Delilha". What they enjoy most is laughing at the acting and some of the lines in the movie. They have really reached a very content place in their lives. James and I are grown and out of the house, the both have stable jobs that they enjoy, and their house is paid off. It is so nice seeing them enjoy their lives this much without much stress.
After leaving their house I stopped by the DeVolls to visit with Aimee and see Baby John. He has gotten so big since seeing him at the hospital. Apparently he has been having respritory issues. They went to a specialist and found that he has some flap on his larynx that makes it sound like he can't catch his breath. He is suppose to grow out of it by age two. If he doesn't they will do surgery but that is pretty unlikely.
Maura is napping making a relatively quiet part of the day. The boys are playing Mastermind and Charlie is working on getting Kate's new laptop put together.

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