Sunday, May 23, 2010

Pneumonia Again!

This winter Maura kept getting pneumonia. So we ended up taking her to a pediatric pulminologist who said he thought she probably had asthma induced pneumonia. He put her on singulair and Qvar. Since then she had not gotten pneumonia until yesterday. Friday afternoon she started getting sick and by the middle of the night on Friday I had a feeling it was bad enough to possibly be pneumonia. I took her into the Dr. Dr. McKinney was not there so we saw Dr. Pulito. She said Maura has croup but didn't hear pneumonia in her chest but to be safe wanted her to get a chest xray. We are very familiar with the drill but she was so tired from sleeping so little the night before I wasn't sure how she was going to roll with it. She did great and the xray showed pneumonia. So she is on a steroid for the croup and an antibiotic for the pneumonia. I am so frustrated that she got it again. I'll need to make an appointment with the pulminologist to try to figure this out. The timing was crummy too because our Bookclub overnight had been scheduled for months. Charlie was planning on taking the boys camping with the Sadlos and Ryans while my mom watched Maura. Charlie was cool about canceling their camping trip so he could be home with Maura. I think he was pretty bummed about missing it because it was a chance to catch up with John and John. Hopefully a sailing thing can be put in place sometime soon.

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