Thursday, May 27, 2010

Watercolor Society Art Show

Kate, Amy, and I went to the St. Louis Watercolor Society Art Show a couple of weeks ago at Creative Art Gallery ( South STL. Amy had her piece "Lady in Waiting" in the show. A collector bought it! She was very excited to have someone she doesn't know admire and buy her work, very exciting! Margie and Dave also bought one of her pieces which Amy was having framed by the art studio. She spent some time picking out just the right frame for that and for another piece she is entering into another show in Chesterfield next month. That one is a watercolor of a zebra- it is beautiful. It is fun having an "artist" in the family.

"Lady in Waiting"

There were a lot of great pieces in the show. My favorites were ones done on massa paper. Amy has made notecards using this process. I think she uses water colors in spray bottles and sprays the colors onto the massa paper.
Here is one by another artist from the show. I told Kate I wanted to take the pictures and she told me to do it and not ask for permission- I love that woman!

Here is another piece I loved.

After the show we went to Cafe Stellina ( for lunch. This was a recommendation of Pauls. It is a very cute resteraunt- great atmosphere, great food. I had a fabulous mediterranian veggie sandwhich with a brocolli salad, yum! I love these "art" days with Amy and Kate.

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