Monday, May 10, 2010

Furniture Shopping

Maura and I met Charlie for lunch and furniture shopping. (Side Note: for those who have known Charlie and I since we first started dating know that he went by Charlie in highschool when I met him. In college he decided to go by Chuck. I felt weird changing what I had always called him. He had no problem with me calling him Charlie. However, as we meet new groups of people it becomes confusing when he introduces himself as Chuck and I later call him Charlie. I try to call him Chuck in social situations but it is hard! Anyway, I tell people we have an open relationship and Chuck knows all about Charlie and is ok with it). We did find a table, bench, and chairs. Not my David Stine dream table but it will do. Considering all the playdough, marker stains, and spills it will endure it is probably best we don't get the dream table this year.
Maura had a complete meltdown when we dropped Charlie off at his car to head back to work. She screamed "don't leave, daddy" for five straight minutes and then cried the rest of the way home. I was exhausted and thought she was going to have to skip her nap because I had carpool pickup. My mom was off work and offered to hang out while I did carpool so Maura could sleep. I love that woman! She slept for 3+ hours so she definitely needed the rest.
Made delicious asparagus tonight. A little olive oil and smoked pepper for the Black Hills (thanks Peggy, that pepper is YUM). Trying to find my way back on track with my healthy eating/exercise routine. I did great for four weeks, then fell off the wagon for a week. Trying to regain the willpower!

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