Friday, May 14, 2010

Fridays with Maura

Fridays are such a break from the rest of the week. I don't do visits on Friday and Maura is not at preschool in the morning. So it is the day of the week that we get our quality one on one time- all day. Today we ran errands and let me say there is nothing cuter than running errands in the rain with a two year old with a rainbow umbrella :) She could not be happier getting in and out of the car with that umbrella- the more errands the better. First was the dry cleaners, then the post office, Kohls, Bread Co (quick lunch of brocolli cheddar soup for her and mediterranian veggie sandwhich for me), and finally the Target run. She was happy the whole time and definitely ready for her nap when we got home. She is almost as good of a shopper as Max!

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