Monday, May 31, 2010

First Weekend at Chautauqua 2010

We went to Chautauqua for the first time this season with the kids. It was fun showing them what we had done to the cottage over the winter. Ben was visually impressed by all the improvements. Max thought it looked nice but was bummed out that the Indian Giver and Pink Geranium were not open. Maura didn't remember anything from last year so she walked in and said, "This is my new house?! Where is my room?!"
Maura loved the creek and it is going to be a challenge keeping her from running off with the boys this summer. She is two but thinks she is at least five. In most ways this summer is going to be much easier than the past few since Maura is older. However, keeping Maura contained with me will be tough.
There were a few kids there this weekend which was great for the boys. Once the season starts it will be nice getting into our groove there. Maura was pretty high maintenance this weekend and it didn't help that she started with another cough so she wasn't sleeping so well. The boys were mostly happy but our family as a whole is much more even when our routine is consistent. We are in transition right now with ending school and starting summer. So I have to remind myself that it will take a few weeks for everyone to get emotionally calibrated to summer.

MerryGoRound at the park.

First frog caught this season.

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