Friday, May 14, 2010

Meeting Murphy

We went to meet Murphy today. He is a white golden puppy and he is soooo cute! He is a breed with super white fur and is so sweet. But the boys were bummed because the trampoline was too wet to jump on it. We promised them we would go back over someday soon. Maura and I are over there to visit Audrey alot but the boys don't get a chance to be over there so much. Marla and Max have been talking about playdates for weeks so I'm glad we actually got over there. When they lived in our neighborhood we were over at their house all the time but not so much anymore.
After that visit we went to dinner at Duffys with my mom. Max did not like the pizza he ordered so he shared Ben and Maura's chicken. My mom loves being around the chaos of the kids. I think she'd take it over the chaos of Wash U anyday.
My mom and I are going to Chautauqua tomorrow to do our big Spring cleaning. Charlie went out today to put up a microwave shelf and to turn on the hot water. Hopefully by tomorrow afternoon we will be ready for the bookclub overnight next weekend! I am sooo looking forward to that!

Max convincing Mae Mae he needs another lipstick tatoo.

Outside at Duffys- soon to have a patio!

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