Tuesday, May 25, 2010


We have the best dog in the world. We got her from the St. Charles Humane Society when she was three months old. She was the only black dog in the litter. She got to be our baby until we started having babies which was a year later. And she has been nothing but a loving sweetheart as she makes her way further down the foodchain. She willingly accepts her place and only gets pushy when it is thunderstorming or we are packing to go to Chautauqua. During those times she quickly sneaks into the car and refuses to get out unless we are getting out to go inside too. On the thunderstorm days the carpool kids know to expect her in the car. One day a few weeks ago Charlie was still home so she didn't sneak in the car with us. The first thing Nick said was "It is storming, where is Molly?". We've noticed over the past few weeks that she is transitioning from middle age dog to older dog. Her bladder has always been incredible. She would wait until 10-11 in the morning to go out to the bathroom especially if it was raining. Lately she has been waking us up at 3-4am to be let out. But other than that she is her sweet, loving girl, happy to be outside with the family and enjoying a warm breeze and the sun on her back.

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