Sunday, May 9, 2010

Mother's Day Cont...

Great day- took a walk with Maura and then we planted some tomato plants (thanks Amy for the smuggled tomato plants from Greece) and wildflowers. Then took Ben and Max to the Laumier Sculpture Park Art Fair. The crowd was huge and we ended up parking by Home Depot. Thankfully Tara and Ryan were there so the boys had no issues with the walk.
The weather was beautiful and the art was great. Met an artist, David Stine, who does woodworking in the Jersey County area and builds furniture. His land is right above Chautauqua off of Route T. He uses the trees that are dying and then plants more to sustain the forest. He then custom makes whatever you want. Thought this would be so amazing to have a table made for the cottage from trees off the bluff! Asked the cost- starts at about $4500! Dang! Don't think that will be happening but nice dream. His work is amazing and apparently appreciated in the New York area more so than the St. Louis area. If I had crazy amounts of money to spend on furniture this is where I would spend it.
Then went to my parents for dinner. My mom had all of her favorite food which included Michaels wings, Greek salad, ribs, guacomole- it was a feast, yum, needed a tums.
Kids are in bed and I'm just about ready to fall asleep myself. Here's hoping tomorrow morning isn't as early as this morning. Last week of visits and then I'll be able to wrap up the school year.

Could be our cottage table for roughly $5000- not in the budget this year. Check out his website- beautiful furniture!

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